Join the Synergy Expert Accountant Programme

The Synergy Expert Accountant programme offers accountants the opportunity to join a team of like minded businesses who believe in Synergy Accounts and recognise the significant advantages it gives to their Clients and their businesses.  Its aim is to help Accountants to offer the ultimate service to their Clients, providing everything they need to get the most out of their Clients investment in the software.

The programme is open to qualified accountants and accounting firms throughout the world.*

Benefits Include:

  • Free Accountants Module: Accountants receive a free plugin Module for Synergy that provides a huge range of Accountant specific features and benefits including full Audit Trail access, Statutory Reports for HMRC and Companies House, and the ability to define their own Company Layouts to ensure that their customers have their company databases set up exactly how the Accountant likes them.  The module is continually expanded and refined based on feedback from programme members.
  • Free Software: Accountants with three or more customers using Synergy Accounts can get their copy of the software completely free.*
  • Premium Technical Support: Programme members get premium technical support absolutely free of charge to enable them to use their software effectively.*
  • Training: Programme members can get cut price training to help them get the most out of Synergy Accounts.
  • Certification: Programme members can earn dedicated Accountant certification demonstrating that they have achieved excellence in their understanding and usage of Synergy Accounts.
  • Business Promotion and Marketing Support: Programme members are listed on the Synergy Accounts website along with their details and links to their websites.  Synergy Accounts customers are encouraged to use a Synergy Expert Accountant through our own marketing efforts.  Marketing support is available free of charge including the provision of Logos & Graphics, Letters and Promotional Materials, etc.
  • Reseller Pricing: Programme members can choose to benefit from special pricing that allows them to make margin on every chargeable Synergy Accounts product or service that their customers take on.
  • Affiliate Scheme: Programme members who do not wish to become a reseller can opt to become an Affiliate instead, and earn commission on every chargeable Synergy Accounts product or service that their customers take on.*
  • Margin Protection: Unlike our competitors Synergy Accounts will never attempt to cut programme members out of the loop and deprive them of their margin.  When you introduce a Synergy Accounts customer your business is attached to that customer and you can earn margin on all their transactions even if they purchase directly from us.*
 * Terms and Conditions apply

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Synergy Expert Accountants programme, please Contact Us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities membership can open for your practice.







Key Benefits

  • Synergy works tirelessly for your business
  • Quickly adapts to suit the needs of your business
  • Designed to develop and grow with your business
  • Intuitively easy to use and simple to set up
  • Helps save you time and manage your business more effectively
  • Plugins for additional areas such as Stock, Payroll, Sales Orders and more
  • Custom modules available for any specialised needs your business may have
  • Ongoing, accessible and responsive support packages mean help is always at hand
  • HMRC recognised for Making Tax Digital

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You are absolutely brilliant. I just love Synergy and feel I want to tell the world how good it is. If I can do anything at all to help you in any way to promote it just let me know.

Adrian Rother, Proprietor
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